In January 1976, an apprehensive Harry and Susie left Britain to begin a new life in France travelling and living for many months in a VW Caravanette, exploring and painting before settling in Aix en Provence. In the 9 years they are there, Harry’s paintings were exhibited in France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Harry and Susie

Susie had written several children’s stories which Harry had illustrated. One story was translated into Swedish and another was on the verge of being published in the U.S.A. when Harry became ill. He had been working for many months producing a large volume of work for a major exhibition in Paris, the great urgency and importance of this is conveyed in his diary, he believed that this was the breakthrough he had always believed would happen, but his health was suffering under the continual strain and he died from cancer at the age of 70 years in a Marseilles hospital.

Susie and three close friends scattered his ashes under a pine tree beneath Cezanne’s favourite Mont St. Victoire, a place where Harry loved to visit to paint.

Susie returned to England to live with her sister, and finding it too painful to unpack Harry’s paintings they remained untouched in storage for 12 years until her death in January 1997.

From that date Harry’s paintings were to be taken on another journey, one which continues today.

“A beautiful old cracked wall, colours like the lichen growing on it, the random pattern of old stone walls, a roof, a scratch cutting across to make tension, the harmony and contrast in shape and colour of the facades of buildings. The edge of a broken line against colour.”